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        The computer-based training (CBT) program for operability determinations consists of three modules with fourteen individual topics. There is an objective and at least one formative question (exercise) for each topic. The training provides a comprehensive introduction to issues discussed in NRC Generic Letter 91-18, Revision 1. It is suitable for all personnel who perform operability determinations and personnel who are responsible to identify potential operability issues or assist in resolving operability issues.

    Program Features

    • "Exercise only" mode for those who do not need instruction to complete the course
    • PowerPoint® format presentations -- these may be modified by your course administrators and may be used for instructor-led training programs
    • Easily modified (by your course administrator) exercise and assessment text
    • AcroHelp, featuring the RIS 2005-20 text for review during the program -- this program may also be used by all site personnel via your company intranet.
    • Numerous graphics and animated presentations -- these may be modified by your course administrator
    • Formative exercises between topic segments to reinforce key concepts throughout the courseware
    • Access objectives, instructions, presentations and AcroHelp throughout the course
    • Participants control topic sequence, when appropriate
    • Detailed tracking of participant data
    • Exporting of participant data
    • Built in course manager to register participants and monitor progress or programming support to interface with your existing course manager
    • Participant comments collected during the program
    • Individualized review based on results of the exercises
    • Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
    • Pretest option available to credit course topics based on test results
    • Objective based testing with a variety of cognitive difficulty
    • Extensive exam question bank
    • Interactive Exam Generator that is a part of the built in administration program. This exam generator will allow the course administrator to assign priorities to topics or questions based on the specific learning outcomes desired. This will result in an assessment tool that is truly valid and reliable for a wide range of program applications.
    • Add or delete topics to meet your training specific needs
    • Course completion options:
      • Immediate on-line remediation for missed exam questions
      • Automatically updates other training records databases
      • E-mail results
      • Course feedback survey

    Sample Operabiltiy PowerPoint File

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