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    AcroTrain Features

    The user friendly AcroTrain design includes the features needed to achieve successful adult e-Learning. The default settings meet most user's needs. However, there are many system and numerous course level settings that permit you to assure that AcroTrain optimizes your learning and training administration. Many features are discussed briefly below. If you don't see a feature you need, please call, we may have your feature or likely could easily add it.

    Learner Management
    1. Registration options
      • Learners self register
        • Define required data fields
        • Customize by renaming standard data fields and hiding unused fields
      • Pre-register learners
        • Individual learner data entry
        • Transfer data from your existing personnel database
    2. Course and exam access
      • Limit access to courses through optional access codes
      • Control the course listing that learners see
    3. Permit learners options to download their files from your server to their local computer, if desired to optimize performance
    4. Provide custom instructions and messages to learners when they log in and register.
    5. Learner Records
      • AcroTrain keeps detailed records as learners progress
        • Presentations viewed and times
        • Question responses
        • Sequence in which randomized choices were presented for multiple-choice questions
        • Multiple question attempts and AcroHelp use
      • Comments and system status when making a comment
      • Track instructor-led courses and qualification
      • requirements beyond those presented electronically with AcroTrain
      • Edit learner registration data
    6. Output Reports- most reports are viewable on screen and printable or exportable to a file
      • Course output files to collect learner completion data
      • Course reports
      • Learner reports
      • Question reports with date, department, exam and question type filtering options
      • Pass/fail reports with filtering
      • Export course data including objectives, formative questions and exam questions
    7. View and print learner summary and detailed information

    Run-Time Engine to Present Course Content

    1. Learners control their flow through the course based on your pre-requisites
    2. You also have the option to permit learners to focus on your formative questions and view just those PowerPoint presentations needed to correctly answer the questions
    3. Audit mode for non-credit learners
    4. Instructor-led mode for classroom use and other course access that requires prerequisite defeating
    5. Optional automatic review module custom created for each learner based on their response to formative questions
    6. Launch an executable file to present content from other authoring systems
    7. System generated course completion certificates
      • Present an on-screen course completion certificate with an option to print or save as a file
      • Certificates can automatically include learner name, course and date information
    8. Automatically export learner data for your existing records system
    9. Instructions on how to progress through the course
    10. AcroHelp electronic performance support system
    11. Link to web help files
    12. Control sound use
    13. Run full screen option
    14. Control browser used to view AcroHelp and instructions
    15. Option to automatically permit learners to install the PowerPoint viewer if needed
    16. Appearance options
      • Change text color and background graphics
      • Customize instructions
    17. Custom course closeout page
    18. Run a program on course execution with data passed from AcroTrain to the program.
    19. Option to launch courses and export course completion data with third party or in house learner management systems.

    Assessments and Exercises

    1. Available question types
      • Multiple-choice with format choices and option to randomize choices
      • True/False
      • Drag and Drop
      • Matching
      • In depth analysis - present detailed text and graphical information with your questions. Learners control their screen layout to permit answer lookups.
    2. Additional question features
      • Learner feedback for correct and incorrect responses and final information
      • Hint and more feature to support questions
      • Encryption option to preserve exam question integrity
    3. Exams
      • Create fixed exams for on-line or paper administration
      • Select individual questions and the question sequence
      • Randomly generate a fixed exam
      • Randomly generate exams on- line at run time. Control the randomization based on assigned question priority and objective/topic priority.
      • AcroTrain provides a table of specifications to assist with exam creation.
      • Option to route learners to exams automatically upon course completion
      • Provide exams independently of course completion
      • Present course completion certificates upon successful exam completion
    4. Import questions from existing question banks
    5. Pre-tests
      • Give partial course credit based on pre-testing to reduce the time learners need to complete a course
      • Option to use the same exams and exam question bank as course exams

    Authoring and Content Management

    1. Build multiple courses that share presentations, formative questions and practical workshops
    2. Use native PowerPoint files. You never convert your files to another format.
      • Use builds, animations and the full PowerPoint graphics capabilities
      • Include sound, video, Macromedia Flash, web links, slide links and numerous other inserts supported by PowerPoint
    3. Provide additional learner content in HTML format
    4. Course structure includes modules and topics
    5. Define and present optional objectives at the course, module and topic level
    6. Establish pre-requisite relationships between modules and between topics
    7. Optional course welcome information when learners launch the course
    8. Link topics to an electronic performance support system

    Installation Options

    1. Install on your company intranet for access from all connected desktops
    2. Distribute program copies via CD-ROM, DVD or other file transfer medium
    3. Run time program requires no installation program or registry entries if learner's computer has PowerPoint 97 a browser version 5 or above from Microsoft or Netscape installed.

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