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       AcroTrain is a complete e-Learning system that allows users to create and fully manage computer-based training programs using PowerPoint® files. There's no need to learn programming or to endure complex interfaces to achieve all the needed e-Learning functions. Get courses up and running in minutes. In addition to using PowerPoint files for the course presentations, the program permits incorporating information from HTML files, and numerous types of learner interactivities. The AcroTrain system includes a learner management system, content manager, question editor and random test generator.
       Many professionals already use PowerPoint to accomplish training tasks because it is easy to use, it effectively blends text with multimedia and viewers feel comfortable with its format. AcroTrain works with PowerPoint to perform the necessary e-Learning functions that PowerPoint alone cannot: registering learners; tracking material completion; evaluating responses to questions; creating and administering tests; and interfacing with existing course management and learner records systems. Take PowerPoint out of the classroom onto your company's network, into your e-Learning lab, onto stand-alone PCs or onto CD-ROMs.

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