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New Computer-Based Training (CBT) Program on Operability, and Degraded and Non-Conforming Conditions


The news in a nutshell

Services personnel have completed development of a >Generic Letter 91-18 Operability Determination Training Program.= This computer-based training (CBT) uses new software and educational techniques. The presentation portion of the program originated as an instructor-led PowerPoint7 program. Adding exercises and comments that normally would be discussed with an instructor-led class effectively adapted the material for CBT.

AcroHelp, a performance support system, allows the users to review detailed guidance on complex operability issues. AcroHelp presents the contents of the generic letter in a web browser format that is context sensitive to the user=s location within the program. After training, AcroHelp can further streamline the proper treatment of operability issues. Program purchasers may load AcroHelp on their intranet for access by individuals dealing with operability issues.

Customizing or modifying the program is easy. The presentations are PowerPoint files. The exercises and assessments are text files. Graphics and animations are external files that purchasers can easily modify without programming experience.

Course management features come with the program. These register participants, allow program restarts without repeating completed information, and provide learner records. AcroServices will also provide custom programming to interface the course with existing course managers and to export data to other programs.

The program provides detailed tracking of learner progress and responses to exercises and assessment questions. Detailed time information also appears in the learner reports.

Windows 95, 98, or NT operating systems run the program. Users may load the program from CD-ROM to individual computers, or they can access it via an intranet.

The program is ideal for introducing personnel who need to prepare operability determinations to the numerous terms related to operability and degraded and non-conforming conditions. It allows learners to proceed at their own pace. An >exercise only= mode allows experienced individuals to skip presentations and focus on the formative questions. This makes the program desirable for re-qualification purposes. Experienced personnel can rapidly complete the program; novices have in depth information available to assure they understand the concepts presented.

Purchasers of the program receive a site and corporate headquarters license. This permits unlimited participants that work in support of the site to complete the training. Multi-site utilities can purchase additional site licenses at a significantly reduced cost.


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