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    Click on one of the setup files below to download the demo. Save the file to your sytem, and then, run the file to install AcroTrain.

    If asked if you are willing to accept the file, you must respond positively to receive the download. It's best to download the Setup.exe file. If your sytem prevents .exe downloads, download Setup.zip or Setup.at4. Setup.at4 is a renamed copy of Setup.exe. You must download it; then, change its name to Setup.exe before running it.

    AcroTrainFiles.zip includes AcroTrain descriptions and an order form with prices.






    Thanks for your interest in the AcroTrain e-Learning system. Run the setup file to install AcroTrain on a single computer. If you downloaded the 'Setup.at4' file, you must first change the file name to 'Setup.exe' before running the file. The 'Setup.zip' file must be unzipped before running.

    After installation, run 'Log in - Demo' from your program menu AcroServices group or your desktop to view sample courses: 'The AcroTrain Authoring System' and 'SkyScan Atomic Clock Product Orientation.' As a new user, you will be prompted to self-register with your desired user name, password and associated information. To try creating your own course see the tutorial instructions. The password for AcroAdmin and AcroEdit is 'admin.' See the "AcroTrain e-Learning System Administrator's Guide" for detailed installation instructions and for complete AcroTrain instructions. Use this administrator's guide link:


    Download and unzip the 'AcroTrainFile.zip' file for the following:
    A Systematic Approach.doc and AcroTrain.doc - AcroTrain descriptions
    Amalgamated Life News Release.doc - A HIPAA Training Case History
    AcroTrain Order Form.doc - Complete this form, or issue your company purchase order to buy AcroTrain.
    AcroTrain_Features.doc - An AcroTrain features description
    Tutorial - Create Your Own AcroTrain 4.0 Course.doc - Follow these steps to create your own course.
    FENOC EPSS with CBT.doc - A paper that discusses a comprehensive EPPS used with AcroTrain
    Jennifer Stainer News Release.doc - How an AcroTrain user created 37 courses in the 111 days following her demo download
    Demo_Web_Download_Instructions.doc - These instructions

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    Buy AcroTrain
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    Download the order form for purchase information.

    You will be able to keep the training programs you develop using the demo version.


    FENOC 10 CFR 50.59 System Topic of
    ANS Paper

    A paper on the creative combination of an electronic performance support system (EPSS) and...Click here for more.