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PowerPoint to e-Learning Shootout Challenge Acro
Train Instructions

AcroTrain Program Needs

The needed programs likely are already installed on your computer, but here's the scoop in case you run into challenges. Running the AcroTrain e-Learning system requires the following programs:

  1. PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer
  2. Although the program works with most browsers, we recommend using the current version of Internet Explorer or Netscape. Version 5.5 of these browsers will likely provide the need software.
  3. Windows Media Player
    The sound in the SkyScan program uses files that rely on Windows Media Player software.
  4. Flash 5 or MX


Installing and Running AcroTrain

  1. Install AcroTrain
    Download the file, 'setup.exe' from the previous page. You must accept the file if warned due to virus security or other settings. We recommend that you first download the file, then double-click it using Windows Explorer. Download time is less then two minutes on most cable or dsl connections. Required disc space is approximately 20 MB. Select a custom installation if you wish to designate the program folder. We recommend using the default folder, 'C:\acroservices.'
  2. Launch the SkyScan training
    You may launch the e-Learning program directly from your startup menu. Click 'Start,' then 'AcroServices, then 'PowerPoint Shootout SkyScan Program' to audit the course or 'Login' to take the course as a registered learner. With 'Login' your name will appear on the certificate. You may also use the desktop 'Powerpoint Shootout' icon to launch the training in the audit mode.
  3. Uninstall if desired
    Use the Add/Remove Programs function to uninstall AcroTrain. The program name is PowerPoint Shootout - SkyScan Atomic Clock. Folders containing learner records generated by AcroTrain may be deleted manually using Windows Explorer.


If you need Microsoft programs, get the PowerPoint viewer, Internet Explorer and Windows Media player at:

Get Flash from Macromedia at:

Get the complete shootout story at: